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In 1922 the Paradise LDS Ward began a fundraising event which they called Kermis, a name borrowed from the Netherlands, where a yearly celebration of the same name is tradition. For the next 60 years the ward sponsored this Kermis event which included dance, drama, dinners, contests, and a ward auction. 

In the late 1980’s Kermis ended (because Church fund-raising was no longer encouraged), and there was nothing to take its place. 


In 1990 Roger Roundy, then owner of the Cracker Barrel, invited a few neighbors to discuss what new event could take the place of Kermis, and bring the community together. Those invited included Jon and Grant White- owner of White’s Trout Farm, Merv Weeks- owner of Weeks’s Berries of Paradise, and Art Jones- community recreation professor at USU. After several meetings and discussions they organized an event called “Paradise Trout and Berry Days.”  They later met with the Paradise Town Council members: Byron Rawlins, Cole Evans, Karen Rinderkineck, Shorty Gibbs and Mayor Norman Pierce. 
Many friends and neighbors helped organize the event, and it became a community effort.


The event was a huge success! The parade route was packed, and the parade was led by the Mountain Crest High School Band. All the events were well attended, and the trout dinner with raspberry dessert was a real hit! 


Trout and Berry Days has changed and evolved over time, yet it has remained a very popular event for over three decades. This event has brought neighbors together and helped maintain a sense of community among the people of Paradise and Avon.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the Founders of this event, and for all those who have volunteered their time and talents over the last 30+ years. Paradise is surely a better place because of Trout and Berry Days!


The Trout Scramble, 1992


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