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Paradise Park has new pickleball courts, thanks to the Lions Club!

Thursday Aug 22, 6-10pm

Cost is $10/team

One team member must have ties to Paradise/Avon   
              - Born or raised in Paradise/Avon or    
        - Currently living in Paradise/Avon. 

Please bring your own Paddles. See other details below.

Questions: Call or text Craig Dart at 770-0831

Registration Deadline: August 20  or until the two brackets are full. 

Need 8 Beginner Teams and  8 Intermediate Teams 

Team/Game Details

  • Beginner Teams: 2.5 - 3.0.  (If you don’t know your ranking you are a beginner)

  • Intermediate Teams: 3.5-4.0 If one player ranks at an advanced level then you will both play in the intermediate division. 

  • Bracket Type: 8 Team bracket w/consolation finals  Random draw to place teams in  Bracket 

  • Average time per game - About 15- 20 minutes

  • Six matches per court = 1.5 to 2 Hours per court per bracket.

  • First to 11 (Standard score - win by one - due to time) 


Team Make-up  

  • Can be mixed, all male or all female. 

  • One team member must have ties to Paradise/Avon
        - Born and raised in Paradise/Avon. 
        - Currently living in Paradise/Avon. 


Self Officiated 

  • If you can’t tell = It’s in.  

  • Honesty rule - The side the ball lands on is the team that makes the call. 

  • Kitchen rules can be called by either side. Very rarely called unless it’s blatant and habitual. 




Use button below to register before August 20.

Enter name of both team members.

Check box to assure you have a tie to Paradise/Avon (raised here, or current resident)

Contact information: Phone and Email 

Classification 1) Beginner   or   2) Intermediate

If you are in Beginner class, would you be  willing to play in the intermediate division if slots are full. 

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